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Pediatric Urgent Care in Bergenfield, NJ

Welcome to Next Generation Pediatric Urgent Care

Children aren't just undersized adults—they require specialized care from professionals who understand their unique needs. That's where Next Generation Pediatric Urgent Care comes in. We are proud to be 100% pediatrician-owned and operated, ensuring your child receives the highest quality of care from experienced medical professionals.

Located in Bergenfield, our convenient strip mall location offers ample parking and a family-friendly atmosphere. Our family-sized exam rooms are designed to make both parents and children feel at ease, even if other siblings are present during the visit. Schedule an appointment or walk in during our extended hours, and trust that your child's health is in good hands.


Next Generation Pediatric Urgent Care waiting area

Pediatrician-Approved Urgent Care Services 

Urgent Care From a Pediatric Doctor Near You

Illustration of a doctor treating a sick child

Pediatric Illness

Whether it's the common cold, an ear infection, or strep throat, we're here with fast, effective treatment.

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Illustration of a doctor showing a parent their child's x-ray

Digital X-Ray

Our on-site digital X-ray tech is tailored to meet the unique needs of children and students.

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Illustration of a doctor with an injured child

Pediatric Injuries

No matter the bump, bruise, or break, trust our team to provide compassionate, specialized care.

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Making Informed Choices for Your Child's Health

When to Choose Urgent Care Over the ER

When faced with an unexpected illness or injury, knowing whether to take your child to the emergency room or an urgent care center can be difficult. If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, always call 911 or head to the nearest emergency room. 

For all other non-life-threatening situations, you can trust Next Generation Pediatric Urgent Care for top-rated care from experienced pediatric professionals. Check out our Urgent Care vs Emergency Room guide for more information.


Icon showing many people 

Our Family-Sized Exam Rooms Are Comfortable No Matter How Many Kids You Bring In

We recognize that you do not always have the luxury of bringing only your sick child with you. We have gone to great lengths to make our exam rooms family friendly, to make your stroller feel skinny, and make siblings happy!


Icon showing an x-ray machine

Low Radiation Digital Portable XRay Come To The Patient

As pediatricians we have to consider radiation safety in children. We know that Xray rooms are cold and hard places for every one, but are particularly scary for kids. Our Solution: We use the same portable equipment that you would find in a State-of-the-Art hospitals.


Icon of dead germs

Hospital Inspired Sanitary Design

Designed during the COVID-19 pandemic, our work environment emphasizes hygiene. Touch free faucets, touch free hand sanitizer for staff and patients, stainless steel, vinyl, porcelain and other non-porous surfaces, UV and HEPPA.


Icon of a virus

Hospital Grade COVID, Flu, and RSV PCR Testing

We are very proud of our in house testing capabilities. We offer many different test for many different conditions but there is only one same-day test that combines Covid-19 , Flu A&B and RSV PCR in one swab... thats what we offer!


Affordable, Accessible Pediatric Walk-In Clinic

We Accept Insurance

At Next Generation Pediatric Urgent Care, we understand the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare. Our goal is to make this care available to all families in Bergenfield and surrounding areas, which is why we're proud to accept most major insurance plans.

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