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We have gone to great lengths to make your visit with us comfortable. Say goodbye to small, cramped exam rooms. Instead of adding double the number of exam rooms, (or building a facility half the size) we have splurged on “family-sized rooms” for your comfort. We know you will appreciate it when you visit.

The hand hygiene area is immediately when you enter each room and is part of the “doctor’s zone”, where our equipment is within easy reach for us, and out of reach for your family.

The patient examination happens at the center of the space, and this “patient zone”. This is the focal point of the room because it is the focus of your visit.

We have shopped for comfortable sofas and armchairs in the living room showroom, not the medical supply store! The “family zone” is away from the stuff that the kids shouldn’t be touching and creates a safe space for parents to help their young ones cope with the visit.

At Next Generation Pediatric Urgent Care, the spaces are designed around you and your family.

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