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Designed during the COVID-19 pandemic, our work environment emphasizes hygiene. We borrowed from our extensive hospital experience tried to think of everything that we could do better:

  • Touch free faucets throughout our facilty promote frequent hand-washing
  • Touch free hand sanitizer for conveniently placed in every room, every hallway, in work areas for staff and patients
  • Stainless steel, vinyl, porcelain and other non-porous surfaces are used throughout andto make it easy to clean and hard for viruses to survive
  • UV and HEPPA air purification to kill viruses and bacteria that may be airborne
  • Our spacious waiting room and family-sized exam rooms minimizes patient-patient interactions
  • Our lab is a separate, enclosed area designed to prevent contamination of the patient areas and work spaces
  • Appropriate use of biohazard waste disposal to protect the community from Covid-19 contaminated waste

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